America dating cuba updating mandrake 10

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America dating cuba

They have written a book, Cartel Wives, telling their story as a lesson to others not to fall for the narco life, and they regret what they put their families through.

“We thought they would come quickly and so far we haven’t seen any changes,” said Yosel Betancourt, a 37-year-old bicycle taxi driver in a t-shirt and shorts hunting for clients to offer a ride in Havana’s Central Park. The White House said in February that Cuba policy was under comprehensive inter-agency review, raising speculation that a major overhaul could be in the works. Cuba policy is nearing completion but the Trump administration has yet to receive any recommendations that might roll back President Barack Obama's historic two-and-a-half year-old effort to normalize relations with the communist-run island, the White House said on Thursday."There is no target date by which it will be finished and presented to the President for his review so it could be this month or thereafter," a White House spokesperson told Univision.The White House only last month appointed a new director for Western Hemisphere affairs at the National Security Council, the agency leading the policy review. investment there so far, largely due to Cuba's own political system, which officially rejects capitalism.Among the options that may be under consideration are tightening restrictions on U. firms seeking to do business with Cuban state firms linked to the all-powerful military and re-imposing stricter rules on Americans traveling there, experts say. companies have begun exploring business opportunities in Cuba, from hotels to telephone and internet ventures. If there is any change in policy it's most likely to be in tone than substance, some experts say.

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Univision sent a reporting team to the island before Maria's arrival. An "extremely dangerous" Category 4 hurricane, Maria made landfall near Yabucoa in southeast Puerto Rico, causing widespread flooding across the U. Also by tracking up Florida's west coast close to the shoreline deprived Irma of the warm Gulf water that fuels storms.

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