Fair dating act

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Fair dating act

(It would be good practice to double check the figures used).

Neither do they apply where the rent officer considers that: because of a change in the condition of the property or common parts, and as a result of repairs or improvements (including the replacement of any fixture or fitting) carried out by the landlord, the rent at the time of the last registration would have been at least 15% more.

The Maximum Fair Rent Order sets out the formula used for calculating the Maximum Fair Rent.

The formula is: MFR = LR [1 P] y Where MFR is the Maximum Fair Rent LR is the amount of the existing registered rent x is the Retail Price index published in the month preceding the month in which the rent is being registered (Note: RPI is published 1 month in arrears, so the RPI published in the preceding month is the RPI FOR the month prior to the preceding month, so the RPI to use is the RPI for 2 months ago) y is the published index for the month in which the rent was last registered P is 0.075 for the first application for registration of rent after 1 February 1999 and 0.05 for every subsequent application Where rent not a multiple of 50 pence it should be rounded up to nearest multiple of 50 Pence It is important to emphasise that the 7.5% enhancement can only used for the first application on or after 1 February 1999.

Because of this phrasing, equal work has commonly been seen as only applicable when a male colleague holds the exact same title as a female one.

Women who realize they are being paid less than a male coworker at a comparable role, who was hired after them with a different title, have previously faced challenges in justifying their cases and obtaining equitable compensation.

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The exception to this is where the maximum fair rent calculated under the order is LESS than the existing registered rent.