Moro dating scam

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Moro dating scam

However, there are still thousands of reports remaining on the legacy Hoax-Slayer site at The easiest way to find older reports on a topic is to use the search at the top of this page. Alternatively, you can use the navigation menu below to quickly access category pages that list direct links to older reports on the legacy website.

While Hoax-Slayer is tightly focused on hoaxes, scams, and computer security issues, my sister website Nibbles and Bytes covers a considerably wider range of topics and, over the years, has evolved into a rather eclectic publication. But, more lately, I’ve broadened the scope of the site to incorporate a lot more than just tech tips and reviews.

Please note, however, that due to time constraints and the large volume of email I receive, a personal reply is not usually possible.

Your submissions help me work out what hoaxes and scams are circulating at a given time.

Only after a spate of scamming and hacking the authorities woke up to this serious situation and worked out a defense mechanism to fight against the scammers and hackers.

A few years back Nigerian scammers swindled millions of dollars from hundreds of internet users in the well-executed lottery scam and only after this news spread like a wild fire in the news channels and blogs, the internet users showed much caution.

The citizens should inform the public about these types of love scammers through this immaculate website.

Use the table of contents to quickly jump to different sections of the page.I now include photography focused topics as well as general life tips, book reviews, stuff about writing and blogging, and a few personal insights.I used to cover all of these topics and more across several separate blogs.The citizens should be cautious while answering to the calls of female scammers and switch off the mobile for a while.This wonderful website has a list of scammers who were seriously involved in sex racketing and scamming.

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Message warns drivers that roadside criminals are throwing eggs at the windshields of passing cars in the hope that the drivers will be forced to pull over due to obscured vision and therefore become vulnerable to robbery. Messages that claim that you have won a Facebook Lottery are advance fee scams designed to trick you into sending your money and personal information to Internet criminals.